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This generator calls you 15 Roma or Romani people randomly. Many people would recognise it as Gypsies, but the phrase is considered negative because of the stereotypes attached to it. The phrase gypsy originally stems from the Greek Egyptian word, as it was believed that the Roma originated from Egypt. The Roma are in fact of Indian origin, but can now be found throughout the world, including North and South America and Europe. The Roma prefer to choose names based on their culture, so sadly we were unable to find too many typical names, but that makes it a bit easier to choose a name as Roma in Brazil will probably have Brazilian names and Roma in Ireland will probably have an Irish name. This is possibly also why we couldn't find many common surnames, since the majority of surnames we found are only standard English surnames.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

It's hard to believe that Roma people used to live in the towns only. Today, they live all over Romania as well. In fact, their population is increasing day by day as more people move into the cities. They are also settling in other countries in Europe and even in United States. This is why the Roma names are so popular among people of European descent. As a result, they have started to be used in the other languages of the world and in the United States as well.

It's interesting to note that when Roma people were first introduced into other countries, they were often treated with the same hatred and racism they used in the past. But after many decades, the people of Romania began to get to know them better. And they started to give them a name that would reflect their status as members of the community. It is actually interesting to see how Roma people started to grow as people of Romania, and how they came to represent themselves in the modern society of their countries.

Roma people are a part of Romania's history and culture. Their names are so well-known that it's difficult to find the name of some people and then you come across two or three pages with Roma names. It has become so popular in recent years that most Romani names are not even known. Because of this, Roma people have been given a new identity that gives them a new sense of belonging. Many people from the Roma ethnic group live in various parts of the United States, United Kingdom and even in Canada. They still keep their heritage and have a strong connection to their cultural roots. Because of that, Roma names are now a popular choice in terms of names for all Romani ethnic groups.

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