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This name generator will create 15 random Latin names. Latin was born in Lazio and Ancient Rome, but it was still commonly used several centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire. Latin still remains relevant today in the development of new terms, typically science-related. Latin is still offered in many schools in different countries as a language, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Latin names have changed quite a lot, as all the names. Particularly in Roman times it became a 3-name system as it was found in the generator of the Roman name. However, this generator sticks to the first and last name two-name scheme.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Latin is the official language of the Roman Empire. The language was developed in Greece, where it was adopted by the Romans. Latin has become a widely used language and it is now commonly spoken across Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition to being the official language, Latin has many important cultural and religious meanings. Some Latin surnames have been named after the area where the name originated, such as:

The region of Austria was the birthplace of the famous Count Ferdinand of Sicily, or Frederick of Austria, the famous Holy Roman Emperor. He was the son of a local farmer and had several wives before his death. His birth place was in Italy and his first wife, Elisabeth, is called Augusta, the Latin name of Austria. Another famous Latvian is Albert I of Romania. His name was derived from the Latin root word Albertus. Albertus was a Latin name that means king.

A well-known Latin surname is that of King Henry VI of England, a name derived from the Latin "hilarius". This name was later Anglicized to Henry VI of France. The name of Queen Isabella of Spain can be traced back to the Latin name Iseulta. It was also Anglicized to Iseulta Maria de Espada. Another famous Latin surname is that of Charles II of France.

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