Bith Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator will produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Bith race. The Bith is a friendly humanoid-ish species with enormous heads, large bony hands, wide eyes without eyelids and light to yellow-ish skin (or green on rare occasions). Most of those who are familiar with them will recognise them from their music performances, most notably the 'Cantina Band.' Some names tend to be complicated and hard to pronounce while others are very simple. They do seem to have a lot of elongated sounds, but on certain occasions you can also find the reverse because of the variety to be accurate.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

One of the most important characters in the Star Wars films, Biths are small creatures that have a bulbous head, small roundish body, small roundish or fetish legs, no visible facial features, and an extremely short and pointed tail. Bith was actually primitive, craniopod-like creatures, with mostly fleshy yellow, red, or (more rarely) green colored skin, small heads, long thin lips, big roundish eyes, lidded or sunken mouth, and large pink or red eyes. Their fingers and thumb were both very small, and their internal organs were very different than most humanoids. A single large lobe on top of their heads served as a boneyard, housing their heart.

Biths were hunted for food or often eaten whole by their enemies, although sometimes they could live longer lives. This was a dangerous business for It's because they could not get much food. The only thing they could eat were those that the natives of their planet had left over after consuming their food. They could also eat the body parts of other species of their world, like a human skull, a leg, or any other piece of junk that was left over from a meal. This made them some of the most devious beings to ever walk the earth.

When not eating, Bith wore large, eye-piercing masks to conceal their small blue eyes. This allowed them to blend into their environment, rather than stand out from it. These masks were generally made of a gelatinous substance. They used these masks to blend into the background, in any space battle, and to sneak up on their opponents in a cave. They also used their tails for camouflage purposes, hanging them down in order to blend in with the ground. Because of their tiny size, they could easily maneuver in a crowded area, such as a crowd at a planet party or in a crowded cantina. Bith was even able to make up false identities for themselves, such as Galactic Republic Officers and Bounty Hunters, by having their own masks.

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