Tomb Kings Name Generator (Warhammer)

The Tomb Kings are the Nehekhara's rulers who rose from the dead through the powers of Liche Priests. This name generator gives you 15 random names of the Warhammer universe Tomb Kings. They are not the only ones who have been returned from the dead, though they control a wide range of undead beings. Ushbati, scarabes, scorpions, and, naturally, skeletons are just a few of the beings that are under the command of these tomb kings. Their names, like their background and culture, are based on ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian influences. Surnames are available in the form of titles, or at least titles. Names such as "the visionary" and "the unperishable" show that these names are linked both to their undead nature and to how great or desired they are.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Tomb Kings is one of the most unique and terrifying monsters in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Tomb Kings is ancient, long dead rulers of Nehekara, the realm of the dead. Their decaying bodies are awakened by mysterious magical incantations, their bodies now occupied by their vengeful, undying spirits, and the ancient magic that they use to steal the souls of their enemies. Reborn to an undead mockery of life, turned into grotesque skeletons whose crumbling kingdoms have long been destroyed and forgotten, the Tomb Kings of the Old World has come to Lustria as unwelcome guests - and to serve as an enemy for the Warhammer Age of Reckoning's heroes.

Unlike other Warhammer races, Tomb Kings has more in common with the undead than other races do. Their skeletal frame is covered with red skin, which is scaly like that of an ash wyrm. Their eye sockets are hollow, their hair short and white, their skin covered in ragged, scaly skin, and they have fangs. Their horns are small, blunt horns, but they also possess several more large, powerful horns on their heads that allow them to create sounds that can frighten and terrify as they attack. The Tomb King has a large amount of health and is a great damage dealer, using its massive horn to blast damage all over the place and to deal with a huge amount of damage over time.

Like all other Warhammer races, Tomb Kings is extremely durable and hardy. They also have access to some of the best magic in the game, allowing them to heel quickly and regenerate health very quickly. Because they regenerate health so quickly, they are able to maintain a high energy level. However, their weakness lies in their lack of attack power, which limits their ability to fight off enemies. Also, the Tomb King is weak against melee, as its weak body makes it unable to endure a good amount of damage. If a player is going to play the Tomb King, they should be wary of melee characters that are well equipped and experienced; any damage done to the King will cause the entire party to become very susceptible to attacks, so any player who has the time and the means should avoid fighting the Tomb King directly.

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