Grootslang Name Generator

A grootslang is a mythical creature that has been made by the gods, Afrikaans and Dutch for the great snake. It was an amazing creature of intellect, power and scale. The gods interpreted their error and divided the Grootslang into elephants and snakes. One Grootslang has, however, escaped who, along with other Grootslangs born therefrom, is luring elephants into a cava to eat them. The first five results are Grootslang-like names that could be used for snake or monster animals. The second five results are more like personal names, often with translation in brackets. It is a wonderful language with sometimes very simple naming conventions for those of you who are unsure about Afrikaans as a language. Grootslang is one example, but the word for chameleon (verkleurmannetje) is some of our favorite word for chameleon which translates roughly as "small color change man," for herbivore (plantvreter), the word for "plant-muncher" is the word for "camelhorse," I also saw "langnekkameel" for giraffe, meaning "long neck camel." So if the names in this generator seem a little strange, it's because we want to capture Afrikaans' extremely whimsical elements. Bonus word: "Van-nikskse-nie-bang-skip," which translates to "Of-Nothing-Afraid-ship," or a warship. As simple as the language is, many of the words in the generator are difficult to pronounce. Few pointers:-a j is generally pronounced as the y in yes. -- oe is well pronounced as oo. -- that is pronounced as a steel ee. -- Typically oo is pronounced as o in over. -- ou, like the ou in ouch, is pronounced. -- Ee's talked like eye in hey. -- So you have a bunch of elements which are difficult to pronounce for someone who doesn't speak a Dutch language. The g is particularly hard because it's pronounced on the back of the throat. If you want to try it, you will find a bunch of videos on YouTube.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Grootslang? It's a language that has become a big buzz amongst language enthusiasts and people who have an interest in African languages. The Grotslang or Grote-Slang is believed to be a legendary creature that resides in a very deep cave in South Africa's Richtersveld. The creature is known to speak a kind of language, which sounds a lot like Nguni (which is another language spoken in the Western Province of South Africa).

There have been many stories about the Grotslang that were believed to be written centuries ago and then lost when they became extinct. Many stories were written about how it lived in caves and would talk in a language that was only understood by its mate who was a part of the tribe. However, no one really knows the exact language the Grotslang spoke, but it is believed to be a dialect of Nguni. Since the story was written down it became a legend about the origin of the language and it became very popular with African linguists.

The most interesting thing about the Grote-Slang is that it was not even considered as a real language until the 1990s when linguists discovered some of its sounds. Nowadays, many people from all over the world, including African linguists, use the language and learn to speak it as if it were their native language. The language has also started to become more widely used by tourists who visit the Richtersveld in South Africa to have fun.