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This generator name gives you 15 oasis random names. The names usually work for all kinds of places, when you substitute anything for 'oasis,' 'spring' or 'fountain.' However, most names are more often colored and other symbols that are connected to oases and other more tranquil locations. In real lives, oases are often simply named according to where they belong, but once in a while you can encounter a more descriptive oasis. We concentrated fully on more descriptive names because there are loads of generators of town names on this website that could offer place type names, assuming that you add "oasis" after place names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is an Oasis? The word was derived from the Ancient Greek word 'oikos', which means "water". A desert oasis in the desert of Mesopotamia is referred to as a "honeymoon"oasis". In traditional geography, an oasis (pronounced /oʊdz/oˈehzs/oʊes/oˈehzsiːs/) is a fertile, flat area located in a dry, arid environment (usually having a date palms grove). Oases are also known as "spaces of refuge" and as "land of milk and honey".

In fiction, oasis names are often used as a reference point for a fantasy world, especially the Arabic genre of fiction. In particular, the story of "The Book of Lost Things", where the name of an island is used to refer to an alternate world with magical powers is a good example. Many oases in Western culture have become associated with specific locations and characters, such as places of pilgrimage in Egypt, or the place where Queen Victoria had tea at Chippendale's. As well as this, there are many examples of oases in the literature, especially those that have come from Arabic stories.

The first oasis names were given to those who lived in the region of Arabia. In later years the word began to be used for the place where the water source in the desert was situated. This name has been taken over by different names and cultures all over the world, but it is still the same desert oasis. As long as there are people living in the desert, people will continue to use oases to refer to their favorite desert location, whether that is the Sahara Desert in Arabia. A desert oasis is still an area of refuge for the nomadic people of the area, and is a place for the modern day explorer to relax and enjoy the desert.

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