Feca Name Generator (Wakfu/Dofus)

This name generator will give you 15 random names fit for the Wakfu Fecas and the Dofus universe. Fecas are born protectors who, if not beyond, will guard who- or whatever they need until the end. They use elementary magic to create powerful armors, as well as glyphs and their own tenacity to allow themselves to blow after blow. Feca names are very melodic in nature, almost Japanese. Female names begin with a consonant while male names begin with a vowel, but this is about how far their big differences go in terms of naming conventions.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Feca is Protector of the Earth. This is one class which has not changed in the span it took to pass from Dofus to Wakfu - do not expect them to surrender anything to their enemies too easily, if the opportunity is there. But, Feca are more than just Protector of the Earth they are guardians of the Earth - and so are Wakfu. As guardians to their world, Feca are very protective of Wakfu's world - that is why their classes are so different.

In WotLK Feca are the ones who are guardians of Wakfu's world - protecting it from all the evil in it, like Daqadzu, K'lorf, Rak'vision and the dark gods that plague the world. These are the ones who can give out the most powerful attacks against the Dofus - such as the Wrath of the Gods, the Wrath of Demogorgon, the Black Dragonflight, the Burning Wrath and many more. They can also cast all these spells at a high speed - sometimes even faster than the player can cast them. And because of their high speed casting ability they are also able to do a lot of damage. But what is most amazing about them is that they cannot be seen by the players on the screen - only the Feca themselves can see these characters. When the player attacks these characters they attack back as well - but they can only do so as long as they have mana - and the higher and the player has the faster they will be able to do the damage.

Wakfu on the other hand is a different class. Wakfu are the ones who can turn into a giant dragon form - in order to help Feca fight their battles. It is because of the power of their data that they are able to do this - the lower their mana is the slower they are able to cast the spells - and the higher their mana they are able to cast the more powerful they become. But the downside is that due to their strength they will be able to take down their enemies much quicker than any other class can - and their main goal is to make their enemies drop mana and die as quickly as possible.