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This generator will give you 15 random Cajun names and surnames. Cajuns are an ethnic group of about 1.2 million inhabitants, the great majority living in Louisiana in the United States. The ancestry of Cajun can be traced back to what is presently New Scotia, Quebec and different provinces of the Sea. Thanks to their ancestry, a large number of names are French, but some other influences are also apparent sometimes, especially thanks to colonists from other countries at the time. Whereas most of their names are French, not all names can be found in modern France. This does not mean that none of the names are shared, but it is wise to search a little before hand.

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The origin of the Cajuns goes back to the early eighteen hundreds, a group that brought together a number of different groups of settlers who lived on different parts of the French Canadian frontier, and who brought along with them their customs, religions, language, cuisine and, of course, their cuisine - fried food and seafood. Since this is the case, it stands to reason that the Cajuns came up with different recipes for fried foods that would reflect their own regional and ethnic origins. Among the foods that the Cajuns ate were crawfish and shrimp, corn, beans, potatoes, cornmeal and corn bread. These foods were fried in oil or fat from the local animals and plants that they ate.

When the first settlers arrived in the southern part of the United States, they began to cook in what was called Acadian style. They used olive oil to cook and prepare their food and they made it with such items as flour and butter, onions, celery and peppers. This style of cooking was very different from that used in the rest of the country, but soon the Cajuns learned new recipes as they traveled south, and they began to adopt the cooking practices of the New Orleans area. Eventually they also adopted the French style of cooking, which was not very different from the way that they had been using olive oil for years. When their homes were relocated north of the Mississippi River, they learned to cook in beef fat, which they cooked with the same old seasonings that they had long known: onion, garlic, parsley, Cayenne pepper and other spices. These ingredients mixed well with their native oil to create dishes that were similar to those found in New Orleans. It was a slow transition to the style of cooking that became known as "Cajun" cooking in the southern United States.

Over the years the Cajuns have adapted their style of cooking to suit the needs of the times in which they live. For example, many dishes were eliminated when they moved to southern Louisiana because of the availability of fresh seafood. They also have incorporated new items into their menus such as the crawfish and shrimp, which have become very popular in recent years. In fact, crawfish and shrimp are the most commonly served seafood in the south. They are often accompanied by a sauce with hot or cold sauces.

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