Frieza & Clan Name Generator (Dragon Ball)

This name generator gives you 15 random names for Frieza-like characters and Frieza's henchmen, which is part of the world of the Dragon Ball. Frieza is one of the main villains of the Dragon Ball series, and responsible for almost wiping the whole Saiyan race. Not much of his race is known, but he has family members, including King Cold, Chilled and Hotter. These names are clearly connected to cold and so are the first four names of the henchman Frieza, all names on names of fruit, although some henchman have just a name for the fruit, including Blueberry and Raspberry. The last 6 names are fruity names in this generator. The exception is the Ginyu force whose names are marks on milk products.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Frieza is a villain in the Dragonball series. He is a very arrogant, egotistic prick. He often calls all his planets Frieza Planet #481, Frieza Planet #482, etc. He names several members of his military "Freeza Force" in addition to his own planet. He refers to his soldiers as his "stations."

Frieza's main body is made up of four gigantic planets which are referred to as the four "Frieza Rings." Frieza's second form is that of a dragon. Frieza has a huge body in this form. Frieza is covered with scales, which can be colored black, blue, yellow or red. Frieza's hair is brown, however, in the animated series, Frieza's hair is black with a few strands of white coming out of his bald spot. His eyes are red. Frieza has a tail, which he uses to propel himself through the atmosphere.

Frieza was mentioned in Dragonball Z and was also seen onscreen in the movie Dragonball. In Dragonball Z, Frieza's first appearance, he was seen in his Frieza Ship and was shown destroying Planet Vegeta. In Dragonball, Frieza was shown to have an army of warriors who wore blue armor. They were armed with several powerful energy weapons and battle-axes. Frieza also had two sons named Raditz and Broly, but they died while fighting Goku.

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