Beorning Name Generator (Lord Of The Rings Online)

This name generator will give you 15 random names appropriate for the Beornings part of the Lord of the Rings (Online) universe. The Beornings are a race of big humans with the ability to turn into bears when they are angry, which is why they are sometimes referred to as "Skin-changers. "Beorning names are heavily influenced by Norse names, but there are also some variations between the two, some of which might be different. These have been taken into account by this generator, but I also took the liberty to expand upon it as the available names were small , particularly for female Beorning.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When it comes to Lord of the Rings Online beorning is one of the most exciting professions to begin playing. The great thing about being an beorning is that you get to play the game how you want to play it and your character doesn't need to follow any set rules. For example, while the game does not have a race for the beorning, you do get to choose which race you want your beorning to be. And because you don't need to follow any set rules for becoming a beorning, you can start playing any time you like, as much as you want, and do whatever you want with your character.

Role: Damage/Defense Available to all races: Beorn (race) Gameplay: A beorning's primary role is to protect their party members, but beorings are also capable of doing damage during battle. Although their primary duty is to fight, they can also deal more damage than a regular warrior during duels and other non-combat situations. While not highly skilled in battle, some mornings choose to wield their magical knowledge of the wild to help their party's warriors survive in battle. This magical skill comes in handy when a beorning has to deal with magical effects such as fire, frost, etc.

In Lord of the Rings Online you can create your own beorning by using the same tools as your other characters and choosing any of your starting race. You can then select the name of your beorning as well as his or her gender, race, class, and other information. Once you've created your beorning you can go into your game and find him or her as soon as you get into Lord of the Rings Online.

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