Gamorrean Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator can produce 15 names suitable for the Star Wars universe's Gamorrean race. Gamorreans are a race of bulky humanoid boars, but there are also more slender individuals despite being a less desirable trait. Gamorrheans are renowned for their strength and fierceness in combat, but they are also seen as senseless brutes with primitive brains, owing in large part to the fact that their physiology does not allow them to speak any language other than their own at a reasonable level. Gamorrhean names are very guttural, but they can also differ a little. Some names are very short and simple while others are lengthy, complex and difficult to pronounce. The biggest difference between male and female names is that female names only seem to be 1 short syllable, but that's almost where the major differences end. There are some subtler variations, but several terms may be seen as terms of unisex.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Gamorrean, sometimes known as the Wookiees of the Outer Rim, were an alien race of green-skinned porcelain humanoids who hailed from the Outer Rim world of Gamorr. They were known to have a very strong connection to the Force, having developed such skills as the Force lightning to augment their combat abilities. They lived in small tribes and belonged to the Galactic Republic. The Galactic Republic's Grand Master, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, once asked the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Mon Mothma, to visit Gamorr to see if there was any danger in the region; however, she refused to do so.

One of the leaders of the Galactic Republic was a former bounty hunter named Jabba the Hutt. In exchange for his allegiance to the Republic, Jabba hired several members of the Order of Revan. The Order of Revan, also known as the Jedi Praxeum, was an order of Jedi dedicated to the protection and defense of the Republic. Some members of the Order of Revan were known to work as bounty hunters are often found working on planets where there was a high amount of bounty hunting opportunities, including the planet Ilum. Several members of the Order of Revan were killed during the Clone Wars, and many other members were killed by the Separatists.

As the Clone Wars progressed, however, many members of the Order of Revan became members of the Galactic Alliance Against the Separatists, or the Jedi Purge as it is known by many of the surviving Jedi. One of these members was a Wookiee named Bossk. This was the only member of the Order of Revan who was not a Human, as all the other members of the Order were Humans and Wookiees were considered to be of low importance by the Jedi. Bossk and his fellow Jedi Purge were loyal to the Galactic Alliance against the Separatists. The Galactic Alliance was formed after a campaign of espionage and sabotage against the Separatist forces. Although the Galactic Alliance eventually turned against the Separatists, Bossk and his fellow Jedi Purge were killed and replaced by the Galactic Senate.

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