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The goths were an East Germanic people who controlled large quantities of what is now Europe and played an significant role in the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Visigoths and Ostrogoths, two of their branches, broke up but still shared many cultural similarities, including names. Today, many Gothic names no longer exist, at least not in their original form. Some were romanized, and this turned into names that sound almost entirely different. But many Spanish names can be traced back to the names of Visigoth and so there is still plenty of tradition to this day.

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What's a Gothic region? A Gothic region is defined as an area in which Gothic influences are prominent and also, the place where the Goths lived in one form or another during medieval times. In fact, the word "Goth" itself comes from the Germanic language (the original language spoken in Europe before the Roman Empire took over), meaning 'dark'. In fact, the word "goth" has been used to describe the entire range of dark skinned people throughout history, which explains why the Goths have always had a particularly negative connotation.

So what's a Gothic name? The word "Goth" itself was derived from the Germanic language (the original language spoken in Europe before the Roman Empire took over), meaning 'dark'. In fact, the word itself was coined in the 14th and 15th centuries during the renaissance, by Italian academics, to describe a certain style they were refusing, so when the word was used at first, it was still a very derogatory term. However, over time, the use of "goth" to describe people grew in popularity, and by the time it reached its zenith during the Romantic Period, it had already become a popular nickname for any dark-skinned person. Now, with the rise of the Goth subculture, the name is no longer considered to be derogatory. Instead it has become something much more positive, representing an image of strength and darkness.

So how did Gothic names get their start then? Well, a number of historians believe that the Goths themselves had a lot to do with the origin of their names. Some experts believe that the Goths were originally a group of Christians who fled to the countryside, probably because of persecution, and ended up being forced to live out of the country. They formed their own religion and named themselves after their religion. Their beliefs are described as being based on Wicca, the ancient religion founded in Western Europe in the 7th Century by the Roman Catholic Church. It was one of the first known religions to include a pantheon of gods, and goddesses, as well as an emphasis on the idea of personal responsibility.

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