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This name generator gives you fifteen random names for civilizations with many different cultural influences. The name of a civilization is a little complicated as the name may be very much anything, particularly if it includes fictional language. But the names would be different even in current languages. Do you think 'Aztec,' 'Ottoman' or 'Celts' to be the right names for such civilizations, or do the names in their languages be correct? This generator often focuses on names that have a more exotic appearance, as if they're the names used in this civilisation's language. But there are many names which may also be English. We have been influenced by different cultures , languages and civilizations around the world and certain names, such as Africans, Asians or Europeans, may have a particular sound for them. There are also plenty of fantasy titles, this is after all a fantasy-focused place. In any case, there are several different names, some of them are kept short and some are kept purposeful longer. The longer the more abstract ones, since more random elements are present, but still work well for different topics.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A Civilization is a group of people in an advanced stage of modern political and social development (e.g., having complex social and legal systems, having intricate religious and political organizations, having complex legal systems, etc.). Some people have the impression that a civilization can be divided into several groups depending on their degree of development. Thus, they say that a certain civilization is as advanced as the next group and is thus as advanced as that one. But that is not true at all; instead, they should be called different civilizations.

The name of a culture is a synonym for a civilization and a name given to a culture depends on the country or region where it originated. Some people say that a certain civilization has many names which are different but which are all part of a larger culture. Thus, you could say that an Islamic culture is also an Indian culture and the same goes for a Chinese culture. For instance, you could say that the Mon, Karen and Thai cultures in Thailand have been promoted as part of tourism programs. The names of the languages used in those cultures have been changed but the basic concepts remain the same. These would then be called different cultures.

The names of the people's cultures themselves have evolved and are no longer considered as cultural names. For example, a person could say that he belongs to the Aryan civilization if he is of the Indo-European race and he might say that he belongs to the Turkic race if he belongs to the Caucasian race. If you say that you belong to the African culture, you might have to explain your statement. In other words, it is possible that you might have a lot of names, but you would have only one culture which is the culture of your ancestors.

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