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It gives you fifteen random names for ifrit and the like. Ifrit are mythical beings of fire and darkness, at least in most modern representations. They come from Islamic folklore, in which they are the most powerful Jinn type. However, the original ifrit may be both good and bad, as human beings, but were most mostly portrayed as supernatural monsters, which are carried to modern depictions. The first are random names based loosely on Muslim names. Often a true Muslim or Arabic name is available, but more random versions are altered. The second category of names is the most descriptive. For eg, names like Flamecrown, Cindershift and Grimcrest. They may act as titles, nicknames, or just common first names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Ifrit is a deity associated with the sun, fire and thunderbolt. His other names are Djinn (7 RP), Hariti (7 RP), Asura (7 RP), Vata (7 RP), Rakshasa (7 RP), Shiva (7 RP), Pralaya (7 RP), Yama (7 RP), Jatayu (7 RP), Mandukparni (7 RP), Maha-Mashtami (7 RP). When a djinn is summoned in the World of Warcraft, it is said that "a great wind blows from the sky...a dragon is released". This dragon is often referred to as Ifrit.

Ifrit is the primary deity in the Hindu religion and it is thought that he is the one responsible for the creation of the universe. The djinn can take on many forms and many characteristics; therefore, the deities in the World of Warcraft can take on a variety of names. Each of the djinn names has a significant meaning. Some examples of djinn names include: Bhai Dooj (Honor of the Warrior), Bhai Jit (Honor of the Hunter), Bhai Dhami (Honor of the Warrior's Wife), Jatayu (The Hunter's Sanctuary), Rakshasa (The Lover of the Hunter), Asuras (The Fire Giants), Shiva (The God of the Sun), Vata (The Warrior's Son), Asuras (The Fire Giants), Pralaya (The Lover of the Warrior), Jatayu (The Hunter's Sanctuary), Shiva (The God of the Sun), Mandukparni (The Hunter's Sanctuary). Ifrit is also the primary deity in the Mahabaratha epic poem.

Ifrit is a powerful deity that is commonly found in high-level raids. He is an important component of the raid group due to his ability to create a constant storm of lightning in combat that greatly slows down the action. In addition, ifrit also grants protection to his fellow members of the raid, and thus, ensures the victory of the entire encounter.

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