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This name is given to 15 random names for Valkyries. The Valkyrie is the fighting girls who choose who lives and dies. Half of those who die are selected by the Valkyrie as God Odin of Valhalla, while the other goddess Freyja of Fólkvangr will follow them. Fólkvangr and Valhalla both look pretty much alike, but Fólkvangr is less known than Valhalla. Because Valkyrie is part of the Norse mythology, their names are Norse. But since the Norse alphabet is different from the English alphabet and Valkyries have been used for so many different fictional works, the names in this generator only sound Norse, not Norse. The names are heavily influenced, however, by the relatively few called Valkyrie of the Norse mythology, but there are too few available names to add a little variety.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Valkyrie, the first of the immortal female characters of the legendary sagas, is one of the most important historical heroes. In Norse mythology, she is the sister of Baldur and sister of Sigurd the King in battle. She was a goddess-like creature, the embodiment of the fierce warrior goddesses that surrounded her in battle.

In Germanic mythology, Valkyries are known as the Valkyrie names of Valkyries, the warriors who protected and defended the hero in his adventures, including the battle of Ragnarok, the last battle before the end of time. She is portrayed as an extremely fierce creature, with long golden hair, dark eyes, and a long sword, called Sigrun's Wrath. The name of the valkyrie is related to the word value, which means "battle." In many versions of the story, the Valkyrie is not a single woman but several, each representing a different gender in a different battle.

In old Norse mythology she is also known as Oðin. Oðin was the son of Jotunn and Frigg and she was also the wife of Heimdall. The first female characters of the saga literature are also known as Valkyries, and her names have been associated with female heroes throughout the ages. She was the most famous of these, as she has become the most prominent and beloved of all the women in the Old Norse legends. Many myths depict her as the only person who can defeat the giants and other monsters. She has also been known as the goddess of fate and has been described as the avenging spirit of fallen goddesses who has the power to drive out evil spirits.

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