Namekian Name Generator (Dragon Ball)

The generator will send you 15 random names for the Namekian race of the Dragon Ball game. Namekians are a humanoid species that looks like plants and snails. In the Dragon Ball game, the Namekians are extremely significant since they are the makers of the Dragon Balls. Namekian names are either snail-like, slug-like or instrument-like (nail-Snail, King Slug) or piano-like names. The exception here is 'Kami,' which is Japanese for god. Most of the names in this generator are based on instruments, as you can only generate more names with the names of instruments that are slug, snail, mollusc and gastropod. The names of names replicate asexually, because there are no male or female names and hence there are no separate names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Namekian/Demons, a race from the Dragonball universe are very clever, manipulative, and incredibly powerful. They can not seem to seem scary enough for many, but they actually are some of the greatest fighters in all of Dragonball. They have a diverse nature as some are violent and sneaky while others are more intellectual and wise. They do not fight out of fear but out of pure instinct. This is why the Namekian dragon ball warriors never wear anything that would cause their enemies to see them as weak. They are also very good at deception and often use this skill to trick the enemies into believing that their weaknesses will only work against them. Namekian names are an important part of the Namekian culture.

Some of their names are Frieza, Piccolo, King Piccolo, and Lord Frieza. They have their own language which means different things to different people depending on what is said, but their language is a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages. They have their own form of martial arts, but in addition to this they have their own language which is very unique and difficult to understand. Namekian names are not commonly used by the humans in the series, but a few exceptions to this rule are Frieza and Piccolo who were originally named after the planet they were from. Namekian names can also come from foods and plants that grow on their planet. For example, the fruit Frieza grew out of a fruit tree on their world. Others have names that can be derived from other languages such as "Piccolo" is Spanish for small, Piccolo" is Japanese for small and "Lord Frieza" is English for Frieza.

One of the strongest Namekian is Bardock who is an ex-soldier and member of the Galactic Royal Guard. His father, King Vegeta, gave him his Name after an ancient ceremony called the Great Namekian Dragonball Tournament where he won first place because he was the best fighter. While being a member of the Royal Guard, he was assigned to protect Frieza's son, Bulma from enemies. in her attempts to conquer Earth.

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