Hrothgar Name Generator (Final Fantasy)

This name generator will name 15 of the Hrothgar race from the world of final fantasy. The Hrothgar is a race of feline humanoids with huge, muscular fur bodies. There are two types: helions with warmer colored furs and lost, with colorful winter furs. The lives of the Helions revolve around the Queen and son, while the Lost live an autonomous, nomadic way of living. The overwhelming majority of the population of Hrothgar is male or at least all the other races are Hrothgar. In Final Fantasy XIV players may only play male Hrothgar. Not many Hrothgar names seem familiar, but since well-known people's and cultural elements are nordic and viking, the names in this generator follow this model as well.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

From the faraway lands of Ilsabard to the land of Ul'dah, the mighty Hrothgar race are burly, proud people of giant size-or perhaps the males of these monstrous creatures are giants too! In Final Fantasy XIV, you will be able to experience this fierce beast in the ultimate battle for dominance: Hrothgar. The first step in becoming the strongest of all the Hrothgar is to obtain and undertake the epic quest entitled "Ultima Threed." To reach Ultima Threed, one must make the trek through the massive lands of Ul'dah and the city of Limsa Lominsa.

Once you have reached Ul'dah, you can begin the ultimate quest to defeat the monstrous Hrothgar and take his head as a prize in your Final Fantasy XIV character's honor. When you are fighting against this beast, you need to use the skills of the characters that you already possess, as well as those of other classes to get the upper hand on this ferocious beast and dominate him. While you may be playing Final Fantasy XIV as a warrior, the ability to tame and train your own Hrothgar allows you to take on this role in your game. Just like with other beasts, a tame Hrothgar can be used to fight for you in combat. The tame Hrothgar will be strong enough to knock you off your feet and give you enough time to recover.

When you tame a Hrothgar, you become his ally in battle and can gain access to special Final Fantasy XIV Hrothgar naming conventions to create your own Hrothgar character. In this class you can choose from a variety of unique and powerful names to put to the Hrothgar, such as "The Butcher," "The Bloodlord," "The Butcher Lord" or "The Bloodlord Lord." When you make your character you will be able to equip a unique weapon known as the "Girdle of Might," as well as some of the best armor in the game, called "Regal Plate." Using this equipment will allow you to take on the toughest of opponents and achieve victory.

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