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This namesake will give you 15 random names of Urdu. Urdu is a language with Hindustani origins, but Urdu has been Persianized. Standard Hindi and Urdu still understand each other, but Urdu has a specialized vocabulary. Urdu, both in Pakistan and India, is an official language but is also spoken in other countries such as Nepal. Urdu names are mainly Muslim, but there are many small regional differences. This isn't, of course, the case for all names, but overall they stand out even though it's only a certain match between first and last name.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Urdu is the official state language of Pakistan and lingua franca, for millions of ethnic Pakistani people living in India. In India, Urdu is one of the twenty-two federally recognised official languages, with official status in the state of Bihar, the federal capital of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and the national capital of Delhi, among others. As Urdu is spoken in much of India by people of various ethnicities, a multitude of different spellings and pronunciations have evolved for Urdu names. These name variations are largely dictated by a lack of linguistic or ethnic unity among Urdu speakers, or in some cases, by their preference to use one form over another.

Some examples of these Urdu name variations include Imran, Ishaq, Kamran, Nadeem, Miram and Sajid. The original spelling of Imran is Ishaq. Another notable name in this category is Kamran. The pronunciation of the name was once 'Kamar' (meaning 'white') and in today's pronunciation it has become Kumaar. The pronunciation of Nadeem became Nada and the pronunciation of Miram were Mir-a-mim.

The list of such names, and their respective pronunciations, also include Urdu terms that are not related to any other dialect of Pakistani and are used instead of the proper names of Urdu-speaking residents of India. Examples of such Urdu terms include Chhota, Aazmi, Azra, Bedi, Chhotelal, Dastar, Dalvi, Dilwara, Drishti, Gobind, Gurdas, Javed, Kashif, Khurshid, Laxmi, Makki, Mirza, Nusrat, Sisodia, Shubhada and Usain. The spelling of these Urdu names can differ widely depending on the source from which they come. Most commonly, Urdu-speaking residents of India will spell their names using one or more of these Urdu spellings, though some, especially in Pakistan, opt for traditional Urdu pronunciations. To help you remember the correct spelling of your name, when asked by Urdu speakers and visitors to India, try using the internet or traditional Urdu books. as a guide to your name.

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