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This generator gives you 15 random Slovenian names and surnames. Slovenia is a Central European country just south of Austria. It has only around 2 million inhabitants. Because of its position along trading routes, Slovenia has been a host of all kinds of cultures throughout the world. This has contributed to a tumultuous past in which Slovenia was one of several various empires and countries, part of why Slovenia of today has a mixed cultural presence in many respects. In terms of names, Slovenia uses the traditional first name form, followed by a surname. However, they don't use the patronymic form in countries further east, but in some of their surnames you can find a number of traces from this form. This is almost the equivalent of 'Johnson' and similar English names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Slovenia is located in Southern Europe in the Southern Adriatic. It shares its border with Austria and Croatia, which are two of the most developed nations in this part of Europe. Since the ancient times, Slovenia has been under European influence. When the Vikings were sailing to other parts of the world, they took many items with them including the knowledge of the Slavic languages. This resulted in the Slavonic branch of languages, getting the name of "Slav." In time, as more settlers migrated to this region, the number of Slavic languages grew. This led to the development of a new dialect called Lettish, or the language of the Ladas, or Slavic-speaking people.

The first traces are found in the culture of the Western European culture. As the Bronze Age progressed, science was still unable to understand what the native language Europeans used back then was and whether Indo European languages evolved or developed before the bronze age. From the similarities between the Western European and the Slavonic language, it is possible, that the Western European language also had Slovenian components. The language in Slovenia is similar to the German language and the language from Croatia can be seen as the language of the Serbs in Croatia. The language from the Czech Republic can be found in Slovenia, which means that the people who speak it have roots in Germany and Czechia. Finally, the language from Hungary can be recognized as the language of the Hungarians. It also means that the people who speak these languages also have roots in Germany and Czechia.

Slovenia had a strong influence in the cultural evolution of the region. The language was able to be recognized as the language of all the ethnic groups that lived in the region. The main characteristic of the language that distinguishes it from the neighboring languages is that there is a definite differentiation between the sounds of the consonants and the vowels, and the consonants and vowels are pronounced as separate syllables. There are no exceptions to this rule. The dialects of Slovenia are mainly divided into North, South and East, while the dialects of neighboring countries are mostly separated by the Alps. The names of these dialects are also very different: Slovenia-Livnica, Slovenia-Javric, and Slovenia-Mlavni, for example.

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