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This name generator will send you 15 names that are appropriate for the Mass Effect Drell universe. The Hanar rescued the Drell when these two first came into contact with each other. Since the Drell's homeworld was dying, they migrated to the Hanar's homeworld, called Kahje. Kahje is therefore covered in oceans and thus very humid. The Drell are used to dry, arid lands, and so live in a dome region. If they're exposed to heat for too long, they 're usually going to die of disease. Drell names have been a little hard to make, mostly because there are very few examples. Only 4 male and 1 female name to be correct. However, more is known about their language, and we tried to build names using that language based on the 5 samples we do have. The only difference is that the latter begins with a vowel between the male names and the female name. This may just be a mistake, but as a rule, I have held it, so all female names in this generator will start with a vowel. Also only 1 family name (Krios) existed, so all other family names are based on this name.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The main character, a Drell named Grunt, is a soldier in the Colonial Marines. One day he and his squad find a downed alien vessel and the mission is to recover valuable alien technology to use against their enemy. However, the group has no idea what to do with it. Grunt is the only person who has any knowledge about the alien ship's history, which is very interesting to know as he relates the story to the other soldiers. There is a lot of talk about the Drell culture and how they live in the universe that was created around them and there are a number of different Drell names given to the various members of the crew that will help them blend into the rest of the crew.

The main characters of the Mass Effect series, including Grunt, Jack, Kelly, and Samara, are all called humans, but that is because the aliens have taken over their minds and bodies. The Drell have eidetic memory, which is an adaptive adaptation to an alien world where they have to constantly remember the exact location of every important resource (food, water and prey movement paths). The memories are so powerful that an outside stimulus such as an alien attack can prompt an effective memory recall from the Drell. This is what gives them such an edge over the other human races in the game.

You can also find many interesting Drell names from the other Mass Effect games, as well. One character is called Jack Drell and he is the squad leader in the Citadel. He is not the same Jack, however, who you played as in ME1. He is the new Jack, as you can find out by talking to him after the events of Mass Effect 2.

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