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Kyrgyzstan is a country in Asia, between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China with a population of just over six million people. This generator will send you 15 random Kyrgyz names. The conquerors, mostly from the Mongol Kingdom, the Qing Dynasty and the Russian Empire, dominated a wide section of the history of Kyrgyzstan. Though they were independent for a time, occupying a large territory during the 6th century, today's Kyrgyzstan has regained its independence only with the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The patronymic nickname system was adapted as former Russian Empire and Soviet Union territory and those surnames are still alive in the day. While many changed their surnames after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many either retained their names or changed their names to Russian versions because it simplified their lives. Many Kyrgyzes are migrant workers working in Russia.

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Kyrgyzistan, sometimes spelled as "Krygyzstan" or as "Kyrgyznystan" (listen) is a remote landlocked state in Central Asia with its capital in Bishkek. The name Bishkek was given to the place by a local Russian adventurer (or nomad). It was later changed to become Bishkek, meaning "mountain of the people". The capital of the country is Bishkek. Some of the more famous names of this state include Pekkurgan (in the English language, it is also called Pekistan), Yuriyek, Sarpedon, Khovsgol, Krasnyogory, Sary Tash and Vorkuta.

Kyrgyzstan was divided into many parts, but it still remains to be a central area of the country. It consists of the three major ethnic groups: the Chechens, the Ingush and the Kalmyks. Most of the people in this country are Muslim, so there is a great deal of ethnic tension between the different ethnic groups. Due to all this history, the names of the places in Kyrgyzistan can sound somewhat interesting. Some of the most famous names of this state include Bishkek, Vorkuta, Cheboksary, Frunze and Piskun.

The majority of people in this country are Russian-speaking, but there are also some indigenous people who speak English. The Russian people have traditionally been the dominant ethnic group, but the Chechens are slowly being forced out of the country due to their fierce opposition to Russian rule. In fact, in the past they have also been at the front of most of the wars against Russian soldiers and were also responsible for most of the terrorist activities in the Russian territory. The official language is Russian, although there are also a number of minorities who speak the local language. Most of the historical monuments and buildings in the country have either Russian names or are in Russian script.

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