Nausicaan Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator can produce 15 random names at a time, fit for the Star Trek universe Nausica species. Nausicaans are a tall, muscular humanoid species with an imposing facial structure that includes sharp tusks on either side of their mouth. Some Nausicaans have on their foreheads even a vertical row of small horns. Their voices are strong, but they prefer to remain quiet. In their culture their violent nature is reflected. Games that revolve around pain and injury are popular, including a game that includes throwing darts at each other's heads. There are no Nausicans named in official canon productions, but in unofficial canon productions there are named individuals, like the Star Trek Online game, so we used those as a reference. Unfortunately there are no females called at all, but according to sources they do exist. We found no details about their position in society, their looks or anything else on the subject, however, so we didn't create a generator for female names. Nausica names sound very guttural, but there are also some melodic parts that differentiate them from species with quite guttural sounding names, such as Klingons and Letheans.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In the Star Trek: Nausicaan movie, the crew of the Enterprise finds themselves in a strange and hostile place where they are faced with an unknown species, the Nausicaans. The Nausicaan people were a highly evolved humanoid race whose original homeworld was called Nausicaa, a lush planet in the Gamma Quadrant. They occupied an area of space known as the Nausicaan Sector, which is a sector within the Alpha Quadrant in which most exploration and scientific activity were conducted. When a distress signal was sent from Nausicaan space, the Enterprise was forced to investigate the mysterious signal. The Nausicaan people lived in a state of paranoia because of their fear of the mysterious forces that were causing them harm, and they began building a wall around their colony.

When they discovered that they had a way to build a warp drive, they began building a massive device, one capable of traveling throughout the galaxy. As the device was being built, however, the Nausicans lost their way and fell into a war with the Federation. They lost the war, but managed to escape in their escape pod. When they arrived at the Nausicaan home world, they discovered that their race was not only extinct, but that their entire race had been wiped out on Nausicaa. Fleeing their destruction, they began to colonize other worlds in the universe, and eventually became a major force in planetary development. However, the discovery of their own planet caused them to go back to Earth in order to start another colony.

The crew of the Enterprise finds the Nausicaan ship as it attempts to make contact with the Nausicans on Earth and its moon. Although they are defeated in combat, the crew of the Enterprise manages to rescue the colonists before returning them to the Nausicaan home world. The Enterprise crew then follows the Nausican colonists to the Nausican homeworld, where they discover the secrets behind their demise, and learn that the Nausican civilization is more advanced than they had previously thought.

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