Tau Name Generator (Warhammer 40k)

The Tau is one of the youngest species in the universe, but it is technologically sophisticated. This name will give you 15 random names for the Tau in Warhammer 40k universe. The Tau are in general a quiet species fighting for what they call "the Greater Good," which means that all beings should strive for the best possible wellbeing for the greater number of beings in the universe. While the Tau will ask other beings to peacefully join their cause, if refused they will be able to conquest this species without any difficulty and add their planet to Tau 's growing empire. Their names are made up of three parts. The first part consists of a caste and its rank. Fire caste (Shas), air caste (Kor), water caste (Por), land caste (fio), and ethereal caste (Aun) are there. Each caste has five ranks, La, Ui, Vre, El and O. Each caste has five rankings. The caste of fire also uses' the room. The Tau's supreme leader is O and part of the ethereal caste. The second part of his names indicates seven. In this generator we have used only existing seps to make the names a little more authentic. The third and last part of its name is its personal name. There are no (or very few) differences between male and female names, so we didn't separate the two.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Tau? You may have heard of them by their name, or they may be familiar with this race through other sources. As a Tau player, you will likely already have some idea of what a Tau is and probably want to know how to make your own names for this alien race. But the answer to this question is a little more involved than most people realize.

The Tau are a very powerful alien race, and they have an impressive history of conquering worlds. A Sept is an ancient name for a planet (or other star system) which has been colonized by Tau forces and operates as a functioning, self-contained, habitable planet within the confines of the Tau Empire's realm. Each set has its own unique symbol, representing the personality of its inhabitants. The personality traits of each set can be represented by the colors it uses in its emblem.

When making up names for a character in your Warhammer 40K campaign, you'll have to take this information into consideration, so that you are sure to give your character a real personality. For example, a Tau Sept on the Imperial faction may have blue on its symbol, indicating that it is ruled over by a highly aggressive character. If that Sept were on the Chaos faction, you could see red on its symbol, which would represent a xenophobic character. Keep in mind that the colors you use for your symbols should fit the personality of your character. Also remember that some species have more than one symbol to represent them. The three most common symbols for a human being are green, red and blue. However, many other races also have symbols that match their personality.

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