Nord Name Generator

This generator name will give you 15 names for the Elder Scrolls northern race. The Nords are a group of people who closely resemble Vikings, in terms of appearance, names and a bit of culture. They are made with rules similar to how names appear to be formed in the Elder Scroll, so most generator names suit, some of which may be identical to in-game names. According to which chapter Elder Scrolls you play, the Nords have different last names. In some games they have a tag, like Colossus or Trollbane, while in others they have real last names. I made sure you got all of them a little bit.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

While playing the Elder Scrolls online game, you will be given a chance to select different characters. And the character you select will have his own personality and traits that you can also make use of as well. However, some of them have different names while others are named after their race and place of origin.

The first character you will choose in the game is the Nord who is named after his location of origin: The Elder Scrolls. But the name may not be accurate, since some players will know him by the nickname of "Gran." This name is only used for characters that have appeared in the main plot of the Elder Scrolls game. Some of the main characters like Ria Silmane, Ulfric Stormcloak and Jorrvaskr will have their own names but most of the players refer to them using the nickname of Gran.

You will also come across another character called the Imperial as a great warrior. This character is named after the capital of the Empire: Imperial City. He also has an additional name that is very much similar to that of the Imperial City namely "Kolbjorn Barrow." So the name of this character is also based on his city.

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