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The Quechuan people are an indigenous population in various regions of South America. They give you 15 random Quechua names. They have about 15 million inhabitants and most live in Peru , Bolivia or Ecuador, but only about 7 million of these people speak Quechuan. Quechua shares some Spanish elements but is not related enough to make these two languages identical. The similarities they share come largely from loanwords and sharing letters, however, the similarities typically end here. As far as names come concerned, the Quechuans use a fairly traditional scheme, names first and then the family names. With the fact that they take their father and mother's family name, they end with two. For this reason, the last two names in this generator are two surnames.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Quechua are considered the direct descendants of the Incan Empire, however this description is rather too simplistic. The Inca Empire, one of the largest and strongest empires ever known, was only a small tribal community that governed for a brief period of time (approximately 1438-1532). The Quechua were part of this empire and they contributed very little to its growth. They lived off the land and they were, by their own admission, nomadic people.

These nomadic people were not the first people to settle on the island of Quechua. At some point, there were probably many more settlers who settled in different areas of this land than there were Quechua. One of these early people, probably the Quechua from Ollantaytambo was able to settle on this land. Their ancestors had left their mark upon this land and they left it very well. Some of these settlers became wealthy enough to settle in larger areas. For their part, they became very well educated and their families flourished.

The main culture of the Quechua is related to the Quechua language. This is why the Quechua name for the Quechua is "Quichuas" which means Quiche People or "Native Americans". This is also the reason why many of the names of places in Quechua territory are also Quichuas. These Quichuas names are often used by Quechua people to indicate their ethnicity. This may be because they have migrated in other lands before settling in the Quechua territories or because the settlers and the Quechua language shared some of the same roots.

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