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This name generator will give you 15 random names that match dragons and dragonrids from Pern Universe Dragonriders. Dragonriders of Pern is a very successful series of two books with 22 novels, many short stories and many adaptations to the game. The tale is about Pern 's life and the persistent danger of Thread, a spore that falls from the sky as the red star orbits on the earth. These spores can absorb organic material, including animals and human beings, and are therefore an extremely dangerous disease. The citizens of Pern use dragons with which they have a telepathic link to kill these spores and mitigate the harm they can do. In this world, there are a few classification rules and they are mostly based on the way that dragons speak. Their forked vocabulary makes them lisp, and this is why all the names of the dragon end in 'th.' This lisp is also at the root of the practice that shortens male names, as dragons will slur their names to encourage pronunciation. "Famanoran," for instance, became "F'nor." We have not included the names in this generator shortening, mostly because names can be shortened in different ways, so we decided to leave it up for you to choose the shortest version you want. Dragon names appear mostly unisexual, but we have divided the names into the names of men and women. The first five names of the dragons are solely based on male names and the last five names are strictly female. But you can simply use the names for both sexes.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Dragon Riders of Pern (DROP) is an award-winning science fiction book series, written primarily by Anne McCaffery, who first started it in 1963. She began the series as a pre-teen, which would have made it pre-Carp, but then she went on to write three more books before turning twenty. From there, she wrote more DROP books, all of which were eventually turned into graphic novels. In 2020, McCaffery teamed up with her wife, Sarah Piccinini, to co-write and produce a television show, "The Dragon Rider". Now, she's working on a sequel to this book series, and she's looking for fans to help her write it.

Dragonriders of Pern (DROP) follows the adventures of two young brothers, Thomas and Owen, in their search to find a way to escape their terrible home, the cruel and horrible realm of Pern. They live in a house with their mother, a sorceress, and their father, the dragon they're called after. When Thomas and Owen run off one day, they meet a boy named Percy, who can take their breath away. Percy takes them in and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there; soon after, Thomas and Owen find out that Percy's not their real father, but Percy's adopted brother, Noah. Percy runs off with Thomas and Owen after he learns that his brother is not his real father, but Noah's real father.

When Noah is chosen by his sister, Perdita, to be a nobleman, he sends Perry Percy to train in the mysterious world of dragons. After a while, Perry becomes the Dragonrider known as Peridot, while Peridot becomes the Dragonrider known as Pearl. Together, they save the world and help to fight evil forces.

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