French Name Generator

It produces 15 random French names and surnames. France is a western European country with a population of approximately 67 million. It also spreads beyond Europe to areas abroad left behind by past conquests. Many countries around the world, for this reason too, have French as an official language or as part of their culture. From a culture perspective, France is a world stage in literature, science and philosophy and is home to a large number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the world's largest economies. Since French is very widely distributed all over the world, French names may also be found in their own territories and ex-territories. This name generator based mainly on French names but there is certainly a lot of overlap.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The French have long held a strong place in the world's cultural landscape. From their language to their culture to their foods to their wines to their clothing, French influences are all around us and influence our everyday lives in many ways. It is an interesting thing then that the country that so influenced the most of our own cultural heritage is not actually a part of our borders. Instead it is located on the other side of America and as such has gained so much popularity that it is now considered an entirely separate culture, separate from the one that is North America by many.

One of those things that many Americans do not know is that there is a huge amount of French influence on the history of America. Many cities and towns in North America have their names based on French origins, some even in honor of France's contribution to the creation of America and her colonies. For example, St. Petersburg in Florida is named after the French first city, which was founded by a French nobleman, while the state of Louisiana is named after an entirely different region that was occupied by France during the colonial times. Other areas of North America also have significant amounts of French influence due to the fact that there was a large number of immigrants coming into these regions, but because their French ancestry was very small, they were able to maintain their own cultures and thus their own languages.

As such, one of America's most famous cities, New Orleans, was named after a French city. This city in particular was known for the variety of foods that were served by many of its residents, which includes French Creole cooking. Due to the fact that some of these immigrants were French-American, many of these people, particularly those who were immigrants, were very proud of their culture and their heritage and chose to have their own name for this area of America.

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