Xhosa Name Generator

This generator will give you 15 random Xhosa names. Xhosa is a language spoken by almost 8 million people, mainly in South Africa. It is one of South Africa 's eleven official languages and a number of languages that belong to the same language family. It's also a Zimbabwean official language just north of South Africa. Because the Nguni languages, of which Xhosa is a part, have a number of language features, their names may share some features. Zulu names and Ndebele names are two other Nguni languages, and similarities are quite easy to identify.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The word Xhosa means "South African" and that's the origin of the term Xhosa, "South African people." The Xhosa people, commonly known as Xhosa, are a traditional group of people in South Africa. The word Xhosa refers to a specific group of people and a particular language of South African. Xhosa-speaking group is divided into many sub-sets with their different but generally similar heritages. One of them is known as Xhosa as a whole. Apart from that, there are also groups who are part of Xhosa as a language, culture, customs, etc. Most of the people from that culture are usually called as Xhwosa and sometimes as Xhosa-names.

As far as location is concerned, there are several tribes of people from South Africa that live in various regions of the country. The most common of these tribes is known as Xhosa, which are located mostly in Natal, KwaZulu-Natal, and Eastern Cape of South Africa, and in Transkei of South Africa, and Eastern Cape, and the Western Cape, as well as Cape Town in South Africa. Other tribes include Ouidah (Limpopo), Ndumanele, Panyana and the Khoza and Cholo. However, you will need to verify the exact location of your tribe. You can visit the local library to learn the tribal locations and tribal names. But if you want to be more thorough, you can find some online information on various websites that provide accurate information about any particular tribe as a whole. Most of the websites provide accurate information about the geographic locations as well as the names and the history of the tribal groups.

As far as other information about the Xhwosa, you will find several books available for people to purchase about the Xhwosa tribe. These books will also provide you information about the names and the culture of the people. You can buy these books from your local book stores or you can also access it online.