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This generator generates 15 random names for isthmus and related land characteristics. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land, linking two larger pieces of land across the water body. Panama is an example of this, or more accurately Panama's isthmus, since it connects North and South America across the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. Isthmuses are typically named for their location, but in this generator we have added more descriptive and creative names. There are also obscure names that can be used in fantasy languages as place names or personal names. There is plenty to choose from, regardless of the kind you like.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Isthmus, also called the Intravenous Route, is a river which cuts across Latin America. The Isthmus connects North America and South America by crossing the Central Andes Mountains. This route connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, creating a large inland waterway in Central America. In short, it is a wide waterway that connects two different oceans.

An Isthmus is generally defined as a narrow strip of land linking two larger bodies of water. Some of the best known isthms include the Panama Canal, which links South America to North America via Panama; the Panama Canal, which links the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean by way of Panama; and the City of Seattle, which is situated on an Isthmic link between the Pacific and North rivers. The Isthmus are often connected to each other through an underwater channel or canal. This channel is referred to as a canal, or channel. When an Isthmic route is crossed by another river, this new river must cross the land mass that separates the two bodies of water. For example, if you travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, you have to cross the Continental Shelf. If you travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, you have to cross the Pacific Ocean and the West Pacific Trench.

There are many ways to define an Isthmus. The best way to explain the Isthmus is to compare it with the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is the result of many different rivers that have carved the mountainsides, leaving a wide and very deep canyon where rivers meander between the many different water bodies. Like the Grand Canyon, an Isthmia is defined by a great expanse of water and a series of rivers and waterways that converge at one point.

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