Dolphin Name Generator (Minecraft)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for Minecraft universes-appropriate dolphins. Dolphins are neutral mobs found in all ocean biomes, except for the frozen ocean biome. They normally spawn in small groups, and swim with each other and the player. They provide swimming speed boost while they are swimming near a team. They can play with items that have been lost, and trust a player the more they feed them. Feeding a dolphin with either raw cod or raw salmon would also cause the dolphin to swim towards the nearest ocean ruins, or chest shipwreck. Breaking the chest can allow the dolphin to find a new one if more fish are fed. Dolphins can be called with a name tag and this generator includes a whole selection of more widely used names for dolphins, as well as a few easter eggs from Minecraft.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Dolphins are quite a nice looking mob in the game. They come in three different colors, including gray, light blue, and red. The basic rules governing these mobs are that they swim along the bottom of the water, they move faster in warmer waters, and that the water in the ocean must be above their current temperature. Dolphin are also extremely fragile and can easily die from too much exposure to sunlight or getting too close to mobs. Because of their very fragile nature, Dolphins cannot be harmed by other mobs.

Dolphins have two primary attacks: their normal attack, which are a series of swimming attacks, and the leaping attack. Dolphins have four levels of difficulty and are fairly easy to kill. The only difficulty with them is that the mobs that attack them are generally larger than usual, since they are not the norm on the ocean floor. In order to make the mobs more manageable, it's advised to pick up a mob of smaller size before you attempt to kill one of the larger ones.

The best place to kill Dolphins is in the ocean, but there are a few places where they may not be found. There are many places in the ocean floor that will not allow Dolphin to swim around, such as islands. If you want to farm Dolphins, then look for an island with a good spawn, like Coral Highlands. Dolphin tend to stay in one spot, but can be easily lured into a mob of other creatures if you're not careful. It's possible to kill Dolphins in the ocean floor through "Loot", by which a mob of Dolphins drops the same raw fish every time you kill one. To make sure you don't lose any of your Dolphin spawn, keep a look out for them in the ocean floors for the duration of the month, when a new Dolphin scanner pops up each week.

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