Cardassian Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator will create 15 random names that match for the Star Trek universe's Cardassian species. Cardassians are a race of humanoids known for their ruthlessness and hatred of other races. They have grey skin, ridges on their chests and shoulders, bumpy ridges around their foreheads, and a ridge shaped like upside-down water falling over their nose. As a species, the Cardassians believe they make no mistakes. But the massacre of Setlik IIWe, an incident during which Cardassian forces wiped out almost a whole civilian population in what the Cardassians claimed to be a military base setup for a possible invasion, was one mistake that at least one of them finally admitted. But murdering or even injuring innocent people is not anything that Cardassians shy away from regardless of whether a mistake has been made or not. Overall, Cardassian names are fairly short and guttural, often with odd or more difficult sections to pronounce. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and female names are certainly more melodic than male names, but nevertheless it is a general theme. This is not inherently a cultural phenomenon since Cardassians do not see one sex as better than the other, but they do agree that in some fields one has greater strengths than the other and vice versa. Surnames follow similar trends but they tend to be much closer to male names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Cardassans were inspired by the original crew of the Enterprise to give the new series an enemy race, like the Borg, where the characters can interact, instead of being solely confined to the battle against the Federation. They have become one of the most iconic species in Trek history and one of the most beloved by fans. Star Trek fans were fascinated by this alien race since they were introduced on the show, but because there is so little information about them, many fans are confused as to what exactly they look like and what exactly makes them such a popular addition to the Trek series.

The Cardassian people are not very different from our own. They are small, pink, hairy, long-limbed creatures, who look much like humans. Cardassians are also not very advanced technologically; they only have rudimentary telepathy, which allows them to communicate with each other via signals sent out through their cerebral cortex. Their culture, however, is a bit different than our own. Cardassian society is characterized by a rigid hierarchy, authoritarian rule and strict rules. Cardassian society is also extremely violent; Cardassian females are very often seen killing their own sons and daughters for the sake of a single brother-in-law. Cardassian ships are used for military purposes and their design is very similar to that of the Federation's ships.

Cardassian - the name of the planet that the Cardassian originated from - is a small but very rich planet, located at the fringe of the Federation. Cardassian was also home to the Bajoran and Klingon Empire in the 23rd century. These two ancient empires have now been joined by the Cardassian Union, which is the political entity of the Federation. The Cardassian Union consists of seven states - three Federation colonies and six Cardassian colonies - and is headed by the leader of the Federation, Benjamin Sisko, who commands the Bajoran forces, Jadzia Dax. Her brother Odo (played by Harry Kim) has been the head of the Klingon Empire for the past hundred years.

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