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The name generator produces 15 names, usually fitting rabbits, hare and pikas (yes, pika is an animal, not just a pokemon). While these sweet and cuddly creatures are in all sorts of forms and sizes, often similar names are given. This name generator, however, focuses more on names given to larger, fluffy animals, whereas the name generator of the mice & rat is more focused on smaller ones. This generator contains a huge range of names, but when you are yet stuck for inspirations, try some other pet name generators (Links at the bottom of this page).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Rabbits are rodents belonging to the family Lagomorpha of the order Lagomoriiformes. Oryctolagus chrysoperdis, which is the domesticated European rabbit, is the only member of the family with a permanent home, its native countries being Europe, Russia and the Baltic regions. This small rodent's name came from Greek words meaning "hair-covered". The two long hairs that comprise its fur are covered in an oily substance which, together with its silvery color, gives the animal the appearance of hair. The rabbit's short hair and stubby tail make it easy to recognize it by its distinctive ruff of fur that is commonly found in winter. It is not uncommon to find a small white tip to this hair.

Oryctolagus chrysoperdis and the other rabbit breeds in the domesticated family have their ancestors in the wild raccoon-like creatures called neeps. These animals are known to have lived in forests and thick forested areas in Central Asia. Unlike the domestic animals of today, rabbits had no fur or feathery coverings at all. As a result they were able to survive for extended periods in very cold and damp climates, even in places where snow does not fall regularly. They can still be found in Siberian and Far Eastern countries where temperatures are extremely cold. The large brown eyes of the rabbit and its small ears are also clues that they evolved in a cold environment.

Oryctolagus chrysoperdis is now used as the base for domestic rabbits. These rodents, originally wild-caught, were later raised in captivity. Rabbits were first used in food as early as the twelfth century and at that time they were used for hunting, mainly for their fur. Rabbits have evolved over the centuries into domesticated animals and today they are often used as companions, as domestic pets and as pets for people with allergies. Rabbits make great pets because they are so docile, easy to take care of, and are often given food that is specially designed for them. Rabbits can also be trained to fetch and carry a favorite toy. If you are looking for a unique pet rabbit, try buying one of these little creatures!

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