Illager & Ravager Name Generator (Minecraft)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for Minecraft universes for the illagers and ravagers. Illagers are villagers-like aggressive mobs. The main aim of their destruction would be to attack matches, iron golems and villagers alike. If a player kills a captain of the pillager (a form of illager), they get a "Evil Omen" effect on the ranking. Entering a village under this impact will cause an attack against that village by the illagers and ravagers. Ravagers are large, bull-like animals that attack by ramming their targets. Both illagers and ravagers can be identified with a name tag, but you'd have to keep them in jail or in bay to really profit from this. Either way, this generator of names includes pun names, descriptive names and related names for illagers and ravagers alike. For illagers, the first 6 names are the last 4 for ravagers, but many are interchangeable.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In the original version of the popular game "Minecraft," it was not possible to kill the monsters using a bow. This has since been changed with the release of the "Minecon" modpack. There are now two types of mobs to fight: the evil monsters (known as "the Villagers") and the good monsters (known as the Villagers or Guardians). These mobs can be killed using a variety of weapons, ranging from the classic bow to the more advanced firearms like the bow-firing gun and even the new guns like the Ender Bow. Here are some more information on the unique enemies in "Minecraft: The Lost Frontier."

The primary enemy of minecraft ravagers is the Ravager. A Ravager (also known as a ravager beast) is an extremely aggressive mob which joins ravagers in raids against players. They have 100 health and can often damage any creature in its path. They're extremely dangerous to players, villagers, iron golems and wandering merchants. They also take a lot of damage when the player is moving because their legs get damaged quite often, so they are often picked off.

Another type of minecraft ravagers is the Mineguard. They act a bit different from the other mobs. They don't attack directly and instead try to shoot arrows at their target to reduce the amount of damage dealt. Their arrows are also very weak, so they are unable to deal much damage. They have the ability to move quickly, but are unable to do a lot of damage to other players. There are also a couple of other mobs which can be found in minecraft, but most of these aren't as useful as the ones mentioned above. So to sum up, here are the most basic information about each of the major mobs you will find in the game:

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