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This generator of names will give you 15 names appropriate for the Maormans race of the Elder Scrolls. The Maormans are also known as "Tropical Elves" as their name suggests. They have light skins and white eyes and look furious. King Orgnum, their creator, is said to be immortal and to grow even younger as the centuries pass. It is also said to be the serpent God Satakal which, in terms of ideas, looks similar to the Nordic god Alduin. Maormer names are long and blended in slightly more melodic and guttural shades. Women's names are more melodic than men's, but exceptions to this rule exist. They generally are not difficult to pronounce, considering the length of their names, but of course there are exceptions to this law.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Maormers are the most famous of all the Maormers in the Elder Scrolls Online. Size wise, Maormer are actually slightly over two feet tall at the shoulder, weighing about 150 pounds. They stand between five and seven feet tall and are between one to two hundred pounds depending on their breed and height. Maormer are usually six feet in height, with a maximum weight of around three hundred pounds.

Size wise, Maormer are the largest of the giant races. They can easily exceed six feet in height, with a max height of one hundred and fifty feet. Their size is Medium, which means that your actual size is medium. Stamina. Your stamina is very high. Your base for walking and running speeds are both thirty feet. In addition, you also have a swimming speed of thirty feet, and an aquatic speed of thirty feet.

While a Maormer is large, they do not require a massive amount of space to roam around. As long as they are comfortable and safe in a large enough area, they will do fine. A Maormer's home is a cave, or perhaps a den. This den is where they spend their days, and it is typically a large open area. Maormer are quite social, and if you want to be part of a clan of them, they would do well in that setting as well. However, since they are so territorial, you would be better off in a smaller settlement and living among your own kind. If you want to live alone, you can always hire a Maormi and do away with that little one of yours.

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