Mgalekgolo Name Generator (Halo)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the Mgalekgolo, part of the Halo universe. Mgalekgolo, also known by humans as 'Hunters,' are small worm beings, known as Lekgolo. A single Lekgolo, having little strength or intellect, is completely useless on its own. But when they join to form a Mgalekgolo, they become a smart, highly resilient creature as they all behave as one. When one colony of Mgalekgolo becomes too large, they break into two. Between these 2 Mgalekgolo there is a special bond which is expressed in their names. Mgalekgolo has 3 names: name of first name, name of bond and name of line. The first name is a name granted at birth (if you may call it that), its line name is the most famous ancestor in its family.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Mgalekgolo are unique gestalt of small creatures called Lekgolos, which are worm-like creatures in their own right. Lekgolos were very much familiar with each other due to their close-knit nature, which makes them a very dangerous pair. Lekgolos, more often known as Hunters, were a unique gestalt of other-worldly creatures called Lekgo, which were large, insect-like creatures. Lekgo were known for their strength at the expense of limited agility, since their large size made it difficult for them to move about. To compensate for this lack of mobility, Lekgo could be extremely difficult to kill, since they had extremely high defensive abilities.

Mgalekglos were ancient species that used a special type of armor known as "Ogna". This armor is similar to that of the Covenant's armor, but it has a different purpose. The Ogna armor was capable of creating a shield of sorts that could not only protect the user from harm but also shield their body from the harmful effects of gravity. In essence, the Ogna armor acted as a gravitational force field for the Mgaleks, making their bodies extremely hard to damage. Because the Mgaleks used these shields, they were immune to the effects of gravity. Unfortunately, they also possessed a weakness against energy weapons. They were vulnerable to being destroyed by high-powered weaponry, but were also susceptible to explosives and plasma weapons.

The Mgaleks were not the only species to create a formidable defense, and the Covenant were no exception, as the Mgalekgo were known to be highly resilient to Halo attacks. The Mgaleks' ability to withstand the effects of gravity was a great asset to the Covenant, because the Covenant's main weapons, the plasma rifles, relied upon the ability of the Covenant to use gravity to blast their targets. Mgalekgo shields were able to absorb the heat and radiation of plasma weapons. and could actually negate the energy blast, allowing the Covenant to continue using their weapons without being damaged. The Covenant's Mgaleks could also withstand the effects of shockwaves, as well as the powerful electromagnetic forces of plasma grenades, allowing them to absorb the blast and return to their usual forms as they regenerate.

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