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The Circassian are an ethnic group from Circassia, a region of the North Caucasus at the northeast shore of the Black Sea. It gives you 15 random circassian names and surnames. However, because of the Russian-Circassian war of 1864, a number of Circassians were displaced, resulting in numerous Circassians being seen in Turkey and various regions of Russia as well as in many other countries in Europe and the Middle East. The Circassians are primarily Sunni Moslems, but many are also Christians or Habze, which is Circassian ethnicity. The rather turbulent history and Russian conquest of the Circassians has given rise to many names. Surnames were mostly based on the clan, but later Russian patronymic nicknames were adopted, and so many nicknames ended in 'ovy,' 'ov,' 'ova' and the same Russian or Circassian equivalents. First names range from Russian to more traditional Circassian, but the difference is usually very easy to tell if you know Russian names, at least.

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Circassian is a region that is situated in Southern Russia. The region is a large part of the Russian Federation, located in the south of the country. What is it about the Circassian region? The Circassian people are an ethnic group within the North Caucasian area, an arid region in central Russia, around the Black and Caspian Seas. They speak Circassian (the language of the people) as well as Georgian and Urdu, though many Circassian speakers also use Russian. Circassian is not actually an official language, although many families do use it for personal communication.

The name "circassian" is a place name that is used to describe the people. Circassian is actually an ethnicity or a cultural group. There are about 20 different groups within the Circassian ethnic group. One of the most prominent groups of Circassian is the Circassian National Army. The Circassian national army consists of two separate but allied military groups - the Chechen and the Ingush, the latter being the most active in the country's conflicts.

Circassian names are unique because each group has its own way of naming a person. While some of these names are common in other parts of the Russian Federation, the most important ones remain the personal names of those living within the Circassian region, with the common name of a person often substituted by the ethnic name for simplicity. It is said that the names were meant to be easy for the people living in the area to remember. Some of these names have been used to name individuals who have lived in different parts of the Circassian region.

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